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Pot Vending Machines Coming Soon to Colorado and Washington

If you live in Colorado or Washington, you might soon be able to get a little recreational pot from the same place you get a bag of Cheetos.

Weed vending machines are already in use in states where medical marijuana is legal, and California-based company Medbox is hoping to capitalize on opportunities from what some are calling the “green rush” in the two states where recreational use has been decriminalized.

It might not be so easy—state law says weed must be sold inside the confines of a retail outlet, so you won’t be able to get your edibles outside of a gas station just yet. And selling and possessing pot is still technically illegal under federal law, though President Obama has said that the government has “bigger fish to fry.”

Even if those hurdles are cleared, there’s still the risk of a huge bummer if your pot gets stuck on the way down.