The Incredibly Cheap Attack on the Republicans’ “Minority Outreach” Panel

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – Cord Jefferson screencaps Luke Russert’s tweet about the upcoming “communication with minorities and women” panel, which’ll take place in the Burwell Plantation room. Ho, ho! The big speech from Domino’s Pizza’s CEO was in the same room, as was the discussion of polling, but Republicans should know better!

[W]hat better place to talk about making inroads with oppressed groups than in a room named after a famous Williamsburg plantation, located in the tony Kingsmill Resort, which itself is on the site of another plantation? The GOP has heard your complaints, blacks and Latinos and women, and they’re going to try to suss it out while sitting atop dead slave bones.


Yeah! Only… Democrats also “sat atop dead slave bones” (better than live slave bones) in January 2009, when they held their retreat here, and President Obama prepped at Kingsmill before his second debate with Mitt Romney. As Ways In Which Virginia Remains Somewhat Offensive go, the existence of Kingsmill probably ranks below the Jefferson Davis Highway and the old “Lee-Jackson-King” Day, which was celebrated in lieu of MLK Day until the year 2000. As accidental tributes to slave-owners go, it’s less noticable than the annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraising dinners held by every state Democratic Party, or the fact that Barack Obama has to govern in a city called “Washington.”