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Pennsylvania Governor Sues NCAA Over Sandusky Sanctions

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett plans to file a federal lawsuit against the NCAA over the tough sanctions it imposed on Penn State following the child-sex-abuse case involving former football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Along with a four-year bowl-game ban, fewer sports scholarships, and forfeiture of more than 100 wins, the sanctions also include a $60 million fine to be used to finance child-abuse-prevention grants throughout the country. Corbett’s suit will likely object to the national distribution of these funds, calling instead to keep the money in the Keystone State. The university has already paid $12 million.

Sandusky is serving a 30-to-60-year sentence in state prison after his conviction in June on charges of sexually abusing 10 boys, despite complaints about his behavior to several staff members—including late head coach Joe Paterno.