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Facebook Thinks You Will Spend $100 To Message Mark Zuckerberg

Want to send a Facebook message directly to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s inbox? No problem. That’ll be $100.

In one of its more maligned efforts to generate new revenue, Facebook announced last year that it would charge users $1 to send some messages, whether or not the sender is friends with the receiver. Otherwise, messages could be filtered from the inbox to the “other” folder, where Facebook sends notes it deems a low priority.

Mashable was first to notice that a $100 inbox option popped up when some users tried to message Zuckerberg. The option was still live as of Friday morning.

Facebook has described the pay-to-message services as a “test,” and each user can only receive one such message per week to avoid spam. No word if that last rule also applies to Zuckerberg’s premium price tag.