Opening Act: The Big Truck

Nick Confessore’s walk through Fix the Debt’s corporate allies is revealing in every way a cynic could want.

Sam Nunn, a former Democratic senator from Georgia who is a member of Fix the Debt’s steering committee, received more than $300,000 in compensation in 2011 as a board member of General Electric. The company is among the most aggressive in the country at minimizing its tax obligations. Mr. McCrery, the Louisiana Republican, is also among G.E.’s lobbyists, according to the most recent federal disclosures, monitoring federal budget negotiations for the company.

Ken Vogel and Katie Glueck ask a bunch of good questions about whether/how the Tea Party will fund its political activities.

“I think people have to be realistic about the work and the amount of money it would take to organize the type of robust county-by-county infrastructure necessary to go after someone like McConnell,” Ryun said.

Ryun’s American Majority outfit — consisting of 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 nonprofits — had a $5 million budget in 2012, and its (c)4 arm funded 28 field offices in six states in the run-up to Election Day.

Having visited some of those field offices, I saw a lot of work and money applied to futile efforts. And to put $5 million in perspective, it’s $3 million less than Dick Armey got on his way out of FreedomWorks.

Ben Shapiro battles Piers Morgan.

Sonny Bunch reviews Zero Dark Thirty.

And Jonathan Katz talks about his new history of Haiti’s earthquake and recovery.