Opening Act: Chavismo

The weirdest political story in the world right now – in this hemisphere, at least – is happening in Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez was supposed to be sworn in for his next presidential term today. He’s in Cuba, being kept alive by the Castros. Had he been sworn in and resigned, his vice president would have taken power; had the inauguration gone forward without him today, a labor leader more favored by the Castros would have taken over.

So the inauguration was just postponed. Problem solved!

Liel Liebovitz writes wonderfully on the dumb campaign against video games. (I always want to ask the people who insist that video games cause violence: Oh, then where are the mass school shootings in Japan?)

Tim Murphy explains why the gun lobby’s “hey, look over there, media violence!” dodge is so ironic and false.

Via Bruce Bartlett, a worthy contribution to the “conservatives lecturing crazier conservatives genre.”

A Quinnipiac poll in Virginia finds massive, 2-1 support for armed guards at schools.