Opening Act: BFD Day

Apologies for the cutesy headline; I only mean that today brings us the Hillary Clinton Benghazi inquisitions, a possible vote on filibuster reform, and the House Republicans’ struggle to pass the three-month debt limit hike.

I think Frank Lautenberg would get further with a “Cory Booker isn’t as reliably liberal as I am” argument than with the current “he’s a whippersnapper” argument, but what do I know?

Rhode Island, which had been seen by conservatives as a bulwark against gay marriage, op to move it forward.

Robert Costa has more on the GOP’s current promise to conservatives: Punt now, pass a budget that balances in 10 years.

Anna Clark asks how good the media really is at covering gun control. (Answer: Not very!)

On a similar note, Brendan Nyhan shames those people who’ve been getting beaucoups clicks by covering the “Sandy Hook truthers.”