Happy Horrible New Year: A Fiscal Cliff Update from the House

I’m back at work, slightly more tanned and much more pessimisic than ever before. Later today I’ll have a longer update on the progress of fiscal cliff deal-making and vote-taking. For now, you should know that reports of “Washington averting the cliff” were wildly exagerrated by people – possibly alreading deep into the New Years Brut – who forgot that the House of Representatives needs to vote on a final deal.

From 1 to 3, Republicans met to air their grievances over the deal being forced upon them. At 5:15, Republicans will meet again to get the latest from Boehner about the best possible deal, and take a quick vote (or a show of hands) to see how much support it has. The goal, according to two Republican members, is to get 218 votes. Of Republicans. When they couldn’t get that many votes for “Plan B.”