And Then the NRA Accused President Obama of Being A Hypocrite Because His Daughters Get Armed Guards

The Blaze gets the first look at the NRA’s fightback against the Biden group, and it’s everything a kid could want:

Ever since the late December press conference, where the “guards in schools” pitch began, the NRA has glommed onto that theme and claimed that its skeptics simply don’t care about children. It’s sticking to the theme, which has been aided, in recent days, by this meme that President Obama’s decision to extend his Secret Service protection – it will now continue for the rest of his life – is at odds with his support for an assault weapons ban. As the theory goes, the 44th president – four of whose precedessors were murdered by gunmen, four more of whom escaped assassination attempts – is a snob, for thinking he deserves protection and you don’t.

They’re not trying very hard, are they? As it’s come off the bench, the NRA has returned to bragging about its membership numbers, claiming new 250,000 new adherents since Sandy Hook. But of how much use will those people – we don’t know how active they’ll be, politically – be in the next gun control fight? How much juice will Democrats get out of the NRA’s insistence on clowning itself? The gun lobby just assumes that it has such a block on new legislation that its increasingly wild-eyed public image won’t ever hurt.