When You’ve Lost John Lott, You’ve Lost Middle America

Paging back through transcripts of old talk shows today, finding old appearances by Wayne LaPierre after Columbine, I saw the first references to the work of John Lott. The author of the then-new More Guns, Less Crime was frequently cited for evidence that… I don’t think I need to explain, really, for what evidence.

But today I notice Lott pooh-poohing the NRA’s big arm-the-schools idea.

Identifiable guards are of very limited use in these cases. They will be the first person killed. Costly & not effec[tive].

It’s not an unpopular idea, though! In the latest Gallup poll, 64 percent of Americans were in favor of one person, at least, at every school having a gun. There is real legislative interest in the idea. Michigan came within one news cycle of getting guns in schools (the bill was passed, then Sandy Hook happened), and reliable Virginia right-winger Bob Marshall is introducing a guns-in-school bill soon.