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House Passes 397-0 Resolution To Oppose U.N. Internet Takeover

Well, Congress finally agrees on something: The United Nations should not control the Internet.

The House unanimously approved a resolution Wednesday to declare opposition to a U.N. takeover of the Internet. The 397-0 vote came in response to this week’s telecommunications conference in Dubai, where new treaties are being negotiated for the first time since 1988.

The vote was symbolic, since even the U.N. itself acknowledges that it can’t unilaterally impose regulations on any one country’s use of the Internet. But efforts by some authoritarian states to push for U.N. governance has stoked anxiety on the Internet and now in Washington about the possible impact of the conference.

“We are very, very proud that there is not only bipartisan, but bicameral support underlying this revolution,” said Rep. Anna Eshoo, who represents part of Silicon Valley. The Senate passed the same resolution in September.

If only it was always this easy.