Opening Act: Everybody Loves Romney

It’s that time of year when random sinus inflammations make reporting extra-special fun. If ever the pace slows down here, you know why.
Charlie Cook discovers a pollster who actually called the election correctly, and comes to the GOP bearing wisdom.
Andy Kroll wants to know where Priorities USA got its money.
Ken Vogel is already on top of the donors being courted for 2016.

Adelson — a Las Vegas casino billionaire whose family donated a record $84 million or more to GOP outside groups, including $20 million each to the super PACs devoted to Romney and Gingrich — has signaled that he is undeterred from his weak 2012 return on investment and plans to continue giving big… POLITICO has learned that Govs. Jindal of Louisiana, Kasich of Ohio and McDonnell of Virginia ventured over to the Venetian for separate private meetings with Adelson while they were in Las Vegas for the Republican Governors Association winter meeting, held last month at the rival Wynn Resort.
Breitbart.com expands its D.C. reporting operation. Ben Smith welcomes Mitt Romney to his new role as a pitiable/loveable loser. This filibuster reform campaign is probably too chintzy to do much good. This one, though:
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