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Barney Frank Goes After Newt Gingrich Over “God” Comments

Barney Frank doesn’t think Newt Gingrich’s less-than-pious past gives him the right to speak publicly about God.

Speaking to Cincinnati’s 55KRC radio, former House Speaker Gingrich said an “anti-religious, secular bureaucracy” was pushing God out of public life, which he said leads to horrors like the Newtown massacre last week.

In response, speaking on MSNBC, outgoing Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank said Gingrich was “very selective about where he thinks fundamental religious tenets ought to be following,” citing Gingrich’s multiple marriages and admitted affairs. “That is just such nonsense,” added Frank, who dismissed Gingrich’s comments as another example of how he’ll say anything to get attention.

Gingrich also said in a recent interview that he believes school administrators should be armed.