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Louis C.K.’s Obama Love

In an amusingly evasive interview with Vanity Fair, Louis C.K. all but refused to answer broad questions about his biggest fear and how he would like to die. But he did seem to take at least one question seriously.

Asked “Who are your heroes in real life?” the famed comedian answered: “I really love Barack Obama. Sorry if that’s like ‘Ew. The president. That’s lame.’ ” He went on to call the president “a great man” and said he considered himself lucky to have voted for him.

Louis C.K. played Abraham Lincoln in a lauded Saturday Night Live sketch the weekend before Election Day, leading to at least one call for “Louis C.K. for president.”

Then again, maybe it isn’t wise to take any of the interview seriously. Asked for his “motto,” Louis C.K. responded: “Never, ever, ever again agree to do anything for a magazine.”