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Kate Winslet Gifted a Ticket to Space

Apparently not content with marrying a certain billionaire’s nephew earlier this month, Kate Winslet also reportedly plans to travel into space.

As the tabloid frenzy over her secret marriage to Ned Rocknroll dies down, Winslet is making headlines again after Rocknroll’s billionaire uncle, Sir Richard Branson, claims he purchased her a ticket to space. The $200,000 ticket is for Branson’s Virgin Galactic venture, which aims to ferry passengers 60 miles above Earth in special two-hour flights.

Winslet’s ticket is no wedding gift, though: Branson reportedly offered her the ride because she famously rescued his mother, Eve, from a fire at an estate during Hurricane Irene last year. That’s apparently when she began her romance with Rocknroll.

Other celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Ashton Kutcher also have advance tickets for the space cruises, which are not yet scheduled.