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Recommended Reading: The Last Hours of Jovan Belcher’s Life

For those of you following the story of Jovan Belcher, the NFL linebacker who shot and killed the mother of his three-month-old daughter, and later took his own life, the Kansas City Star’s Christine Vendel has a must-read report piecing together the final moments of their lives. A snippet:

Seconds after fatally shooting his longtime girlfriend, … Belcher leaned over her in their master bathroom, said he was sorry and kissed her on the forehead.

His mother, who heard gunfire as she stood in the kitchen, rushed to her son’s bedroom and watched his remorseful goodbye. Belcher apologized to his mother, kissed his 3-month-old daughter and fled his rented home in the 5400 block of Crysler Avenue in his Bentley.

You ran read the full thing here.