“I Honestly Believe a Rhesus Monkey Could Have Beaten Ms. Taitz”

This is my favorite story of the day, pointed out a few days after publication by a friend who is similarly amused by the birther dregs. Occidental College’s newspaper writes, with the right amount of bemusement, about the singularly dim Orly Taitz and her quest to get President Obama’s college records.

According to the court observer, Judge Margines did comment on Taitz’s quality of evidence when she presented a folder of it to the judge.   

“You should know that evidence is not stuff printed from the internet,” Margines said, responding to Taitz’s continued argument after he made the decision to quash the subpoena and award $4,000 in sanctions to Occidental College.

The quote in my hed comes from a lawyer who easily defeated Taitz – as every lawyer, ever, has done, because she has no idea how to win a case. Would I like to see Obama’s college records? Sure, I hope we see them eventually. We’re less likely to get there when a birther stumbles, swings, and misses by a mile.