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Viral Eagle Video Is a Fake

UPDATE: The video’s creators confirmed it is a fake.

An instant-classic viral video is already being debunked by skeptics as a fake.

The video presents a nightmare scenario: A man in Montreal films an eagle soaring majestically over a field, only to capture it trying to scoop up an infant he has in tow. The man runs toward the child, who is dropped almost as soon as he is picked up.

The video quickly made the rounds on social media, but before long, skepticism set in: Inconsistencies with the bird’s shadow set off early alarms, and no news accounts of the incident exist. And one wildlife enthusiast noted that no raptors similar to the one in the video usually appear in Montreal.

Although there are several historical accounts of eagles going after small children as easy prey, it appears that this one is a very eye-catching scam.