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Domino’s Founder Sues Obama Over Birth Control

Billionaire Domino’s founder and prominent conservative Tom Monaghan has decided to fight Obamacare over its requirement that insurance cover contraception for employees.

Calling the new rules “gravely immoral,” the devout Catholic sued the Obama administration on charges that the new law violates his religious freedom. Monaghan brought the lawsuit on behalf of Domino’s Farms, a large office park he owns, rather than the pizza franchise, which he has not controlled for more than a decade.

The lawsuit is among dozens of others that challenge the law because it requires employers to offer insurance that covers many different forms of birth control. Churches are exempt from the mandate.

Papa John’s and other restaurant brands that have spoken out against Obamacare have seen their business suffer as a result. Though Domino’s franchises are not involved in the lawsuit, it isn’t clear if they will be affected.