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Australian DJs Talk Suicide Controversy After Show Canceled

Two Australian DJs whose prank call allegedly led to a suicide have given their first interview following the tragedy.

Michael Christian and Mel Greig were emotional and described themselves as “heartbroken” over the events, saying their call was only “designed to be stupid.” “It wasn’t about [trying to] fool someone,” Christian said. “We just assumed that with the voices that we put on, we were going to get told off and that was the gag.”

The two pretended to be Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth, calling the hospital where Kate Middleton had been admitted during the beginning of her pregnancy. They evidently fooled nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who answered their call and put it through to the duchess’ ward, and was later found dead after the controversy took off.

The radio show where the prank call aired was canceled over the weekend, and the station issued a company-wide ban on prank calls.