Dinesh D’Souza Didn’t Get an Oscar Nomination

The Hollywood Reporter is up with a fun piece about 2016: Obama’s America losing out on an Academy Award nomination. It didn’t even made the 15-film shortlist for best documentary – and yet Dinesh D’Souza’s film was the highest-grossing documentary of the year! And we all know that the Academy gives the Oscar to the most successful box office hits, as the producers of The Grinch and Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One can tell you.

I pick this up only because D’Souza’s snarky response is so clueless.

By ignoring 2016, the top-performing box-office hit of 2012, and pretending that films like Searching for Sugar Man and This Is Not a Film are more deserving of an Oscar, our friends in Hollywood have removed any doubt average Americans may have had that liberal political ideology, not excellence, is the true standard of what receives awards.

Oh, those wacky liberals! D’Souza’s movie exposed the raw truth of Barack Obama’s ideology, by sending a khaki-clad conservative to ask leading questions of people who knew the president’s father. This Is Not a Film is merely a clandestinely filmed documentary about Iranian director Jafar Panahi, who is under house arrest in Tehran.

Clearly, Hollywood is only spotlighting that movie because it supports the Obama agenda.