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Cory Booker’s Food-Stamp Odyssey Begins This Week

Newark Mayor Cory Booker will answer this week for an unfiltered Twitter exchange where he challenged a critical follower to live off food stamps with him for a week.

The outspoken mayor begins the regimen Tuesday, when he will limit his daily food expenses to about $4. Hyping the stunt on Twitter, Booker said last week that the first thing he would have to give up is coffee. “I won’t be able to afford it,” he tweeted. He hasn’t said what food he does plan to eat. 

Booker encouraged other Twitter followers to join the challenge, but when the Associated Press caught up with Booker’s original sparring partner, she said the governor hasn’t been in touch.

Speculation about Booker’s political future has been heating up of late, including the possibility he might challenge Gov. Chris Christie in 2013 or mount a Senate run in 2014.