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A $26,000 Free-Transforming Robot for the Kid Who Has Everything

Can’t decide whether to get your kids an RC car or a walking robot for Christmas … and have $26,000 to burn? Then Brave Robotics has the toy for you.

Brave’s smooth-transforming robot is entirely 3-D printed—except for the motors and circuitry—and uses a wireless remote control to drive, walk, transform, and shoot missiles out of its arms. And kids, it also comes equipped with a Wi-Fi camera that can be accessed through a tablet so you can get a first-person view as you terrorize your sibling’s decidedly nonrobotic Barbie Dream House.

Parents, don’t worry: Brave Robotics has you covered, too. As TechCrunch points out, the company’s History page says they plan to create a full-sized transforming car/robot with built-in AI by 2030.

Paging Michael Bay.