The Birthers’ Last Stand

It happened in Arizona. Of course. How could it have happened anywhere but the home of Joe Arpaio and the “cold case posse?” Where else but the state that actually passed a birth certificate requirement for candidates, which was so embarrassing that Gov. Brewer actually vetoed it?

All 11 Arizona electors cast their votes for defeated Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who won the state’s popular vote.

The state Republican Party chairman Tom Morrissey and two other Electoral College members spoke up during the ceremony to voice doubts about Obama’s eligibility as a native-born U.S. citizen.

College member Don Ascoli, who recently finished serving as Republican Party chairman in Gila County, said he didn’t think Obama was “properly vetted as a legitimate candidate for president.”

Being generous, “vetting” can mean a number of things. In addition to being the last wheeze of birtherism – thought I suppose someone could challenge the electoral vote in the House next month – Ascoli’s comment reflects the widespread conservative belief that the press went easy on Obama. Let them have this.