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Apple Maps Fail Almost Deadly for Several in Australia

Apple Maps has led to some amusing navigational mishaps, but police in central Australia say the wayward app’s troubles are no joke. A half-dozen Australian iPhone users relying on the app to reach a far-flung city found themselves 43 miles away in a dangerous situation deep inside a national park.

The unlucky travelers were trying to reach Mildura, Australia, a city of 30,000 in northwestern Victoria. Instead, they found themselves in Murray Sunset National Park, where there is no water supply and temperatures regularly reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Some were stranded for 24 hours without proper food or water.

Local police said in a statement that they are “extremely concerned” about the off-base directions and are urging drivers to disregard Apple’s service in the region.

Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for Maps earlier this year and vowed to fix any bugs. Maybe he needs to threaten engineers with exile in the Outback to get results.