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Are You Getting Scroogled? Microsoft’s Latest Google Tirade.

Are you getting Scroogled?

That’s Microsoft’s holiday spin in its bitter search battle with Google. And it’s pitting Google’s shopping search results against Bing’s, claiming that Google simply returns a series of targeted ads rather than organic results. “We say that when you limit choices and rank them by payment, consumers get Scroogled,” the company says on a dedicated website.

Bing has been accused of the same practices, but Microsoft has thrown weight behind its claims, even releasing a commercial pushing the attack.

Will Microsoft’s effort to cast Google as Scrooge pay off? The company hopes so: Bing currently loses billions each year, and reports suggest Microsoft’s much-hyped Surface tablet is having disappointing sales. “I have a theory as to why this might be,” a CNET tech blogger wrote. “Too many people are searching for it on Google.”