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Viral Video Shows Mitt Romney Testy on Mormonism

A video of Mitt Romney getting testy about his Mormon faith has gone viral on the eve of the election.

The GOP nominee—who would become the first-ever Mormon president if he wins—has largely avoided talking about his religion during the 2012 race. But in an interview with Iowa conservative radio host Jan Mickelson back in 2007, Romney flashed a bit of frustration on the subject. The two then sparred over questions about the Mormon church’s position on abortion and the second coming of Jesus, pointing up the challenge Romney has in winning over Christian evangelicals who may have private doubts about his Mormon faith.

A portion of the interview was reposted by a YouTube user last week and has racked up more than 1.5 million views since. Whatever its impact, we now know what happens when a whisper campaign takes hold on YouTube.