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Rand Paul Vows To Push GOP on Drugs and Immigration

Call it the evolution of the revolution.  

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, one of the darlings of the Tea Party, is showing signs of moderation in the wake of the GOP’s disappointing showing in the 2012 presidential and Senate elections. In an interview with Politico, Paul said he wants to find a compromise on immigration reform that includes “an eventual path” to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, joining a chorus of Republicans looking to broaden the party’s appeal beyond white voters.  

Paul also said he wants to work with Democrats to push for a softening of mandatory minimum sentencing on certain illegal drug offenses. Which, of course, is consistent with his libertarian leanings, and happens to play well with younger voters—another category the GOP has failed to reach in recent elections. As his father, Ron Paul, retires, we can now officially begin the speculation about Rand for president in 2016.