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Public Nudity Ban Up for Vote in San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t known for its modesty, a reputation one city supervisor is trying to change.

City lawmakers are voting on a public nudity ban this week, the result of a two-year battle between Castro Supervisor Scott Wiener and a small group of men who like to walk in the buff in the famously gay neighborhood. Wiener reluctantly proposed the ordinance after escalating complaints from other constituents.

Violators of the proposed ban, which has fired up San Franciscans, could get anywhere from an initial $100 fine to a year in jail for multiple offenses. Last week a couple dozen residents disrobed in front of City Hall in protest. Certain festivities, like the annual gay-pride parade, would be exempt from the new rules.

According to the Associated Press, a lawyer has already filed a lawsuit against the ordinance in case it’s approved.