Opening Act: Topless Car Wash

Sometimes you just have to take the clickbait.

Adam Serwer worries about the Petraeus investigation’s lessons for digital privacy.

An FBI inquiry, even with no evidence of criminal behavior, allows the feds to access reams of information on individual Americans because of archaic laws governing online privacy. An episode of alleged online harassment led to the feds uncovering uncomfortable details about someone’s personal life that ended his career even without criminal charges. Whether Petraeus’ behavior might have warranted resignation because he exposed himself to potential blackmail is a separate question—what his experience shows is that the feds can uncover the most intimate and embarrassing details of your private life without breaking a sweat.

Alex Isenstadt pities the members of Congress caught up in recount hell.

Doug Henwood explains why the new debt jubilee is a much weaker idea than you want it to be.

Rand Paul has wasted no time blocking the progress of the security state.