Opening Act: Still Digesting

My whirlwind, non-political, vacation-centric tour of the Philadelphia metro area has come to an end. But Congress isn’t back yet. Back to the Washington stasis we go.

Meet the lesbian Republicans. We probably need a portmaneau for this – sapphocons?

Alec MacGinnis thanks Mitt Romney not just for losing but for giving Democrats a reason to win.

In an era of resentment toward unaccountable financial elites, they put forward the ultimate financial elite, a man who sliced and diced companiessheltered his income offshore, and, above all, waseye-poppingly incapable of discussing his wealth and the economic anxieties of those less fortunate in ways that might put voters at ease. The muddle that had clouded the political debate since Obama’s inauguration parted. On Election Day, when exit pollsters asked voters whom they thought the candidates favored, a plurality, 44 percent, thought Obama favored the middle class, while 53 percent thought Romney favored the rich.

Gender bias is on the decline, which partly explains the female senator surge. (Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Massachusetts had never elected female senators before this month.)

I mostly agree with Dylan Byers’s list of breakout 2012 reporters, but where’s Nate Silver? (I’m joking. Silver’s ability to out-predict the press corps while spending zero time on the anecdote-gathering trail was one of the things that made him annoying to the scolds.)