Opening Act: Project ORCA

The most entertaining/heartbreaking piece you’ll read all day is John Ekdahl’s memoir of Project ORCA, designed to modernize the GOP’s GOTV, collapsing in a farce of technical failure and bad testing.

For starters, this was billed as an “app” when it was actually a mobile-optimized website (or “web app”). For days I saw people on Twitter saying they couldn’t find the app on the Android Market or iTunes and couldn’t download it. Well, that’s because it didn’t exist. It was a website. This created a ton of confusion. Not to mention that they didn’t even “turn it on” until 6AM in the morning, so people couldn’t properly familiarize themselves with how it worked on their personal phone beforehand.

Jan Crawford reports that Romney and Ryan really thought they were going to win.

Romney and his campaign had gone into the evening confident they had a good path to victory, for emotional and intellectual reasons. The huge and enthusiastic crowds in swing state after swing state in recent weeks - not only for Romney but also for Paul Ryan - bolstered what they believed intellectually: that Obama would not get the kind of turnout he had in 2008.

This was reasonable! Had the electorate only been D+3, as some polls suggested, it would have been nip and tuck.

The Wall Street Journal serves up more Sheldonfreude.