Opening Act: OMG

The “members of party divided over issue!” story often turns into a tale of the same two or three outliers. The AP’s story on Senate Democrats and taxes goes much further than that.

Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., who is retiring as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, said rising health care costs in Medicare and Medicaid are helping to drive future spending, making them an essential part of a long-term deficit-reduction package.

“I’ve been part of every bipartisan group here. We’ve always put everything on the table,” Conrad said. “If you’re going to solve this problem, you’re going to have to deal with where the spending is and the revenue can be raised.”

But senators like Baucus and Conrad increasingly are being drowned out by other Democrats emboldened by the recent election results to fight against benefit cuts.

Bruce Bartlett writes, with some verve and cheek, about how Republicans ran him out of the party, then fell apart.

Via Daily Kos, the Hillbuzz live election night thread is quite the fever dream.

Tom Ricks is on day three of his “screw you, cable news” tour. You can definitely sympathize, though – he’s covering a war, and the major media in his country could care less about it. You’d be cranky, too.

And it was 95 years ago that someone first shortened “Oh My God” into its essential components, in a leter to Winston Churchill.