Opening Act: 24 More Hours of This

Who’s actually ahead? Ask Molly Ball.

One of Romneyworld’s most able spinners falls victim to epistemic closure.

Kevin Madden mocked the vice president, and said the Obama campaign was relying on Clinton to do the heavy lifting while Biden bumbled his way through the final days of the race.

“They’re sending arguably their number one surrogate, their number two principal, President Bill Clinton, to campaign all day in Pennsylvania,” Madden said. “He’s arguably more important to them than Joe Biden because Joe Biden makes a mistake at every single event he goes to.”

That should do it – focus on how Obama’s got a popular former president stumping for him, because his vice president sometimes flubs a word in his speech and gets mocked on Twitter.

The great Manu Raju asks whether Sen. Jon Tester can survive the Romney coattails.

Democrats here are relying on an aggressive ground game, with some 2 million phone calls to voters in a state with a population of about 1 million and endless door-to-door canvassing. Even Baucus — who raised $1.5 million for state Democrats this cycle — has knocked on doors on behalf of Tester, including on Halloween evening.

“One lady says, ‘That’s a good costume, you look like Max Baucus,’” the senator recalled.

Major Garrett sees preenmentum coming from Team Obama.

Alec McGillis gets ready for Republican election denialism.

And here’s my election prediction.