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Jay-Z, Springsteen To Flank Obama on Monday; Mitt Romney Gets Kid Rock

As they make their closing arguments, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have revealed their campaign itinerary for election eve Monday, and both will be joined by high-wattage musicians who have flanked their candidacies. In Obama’s case, that means Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen. In Romney’s case, that means… Kid Rock.

Obama will move around the Midwest with Springsteen and eventually Jay-Z before meeting up with Michelle Obama in Des Moines, Iowa, where the president got his first jolt of energy in the 2008 caucuses. Romney will also have a day packed with swing-state visits before traveling to New Hampshire, where he will meet Ann Romney and Kid Rock. The singer’s “Born Free” has been a staple at Romney events.

On Election Day, Obama will return to Chicago and Romney will head to Boston, their respective campaign headquarters, to await election results.