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Romney Was Right About the 47 Percent, in a Way

Oh, the irony. Looks as if Mitt Romney was right to single out 47 percent of the electorate, just not quite in the same way he’d imagined.

As final vote tallies trickle in from straggler districts, Romney currently stands at 47.8 percent of the vote—and analysts predict that New York and California will eventually take that number below 47.5 percent. If that happens, history will place the final 2012 presidential vote margin at 51 percent for Obama, 47 percent for Romney.

That would be a bitter final twist for Romney, who saw his position in the polls erode after a secretly recorded video caught him telling affluent donors that 47 percent of the country would never vote for him because they are victims dependent on government entitlements. He later disavowed the comments, but then seemed to revert to them after the election, when he told top donors that Obama took the election by giving “gifts” to women and minority groups.