How Not to Troll

Politico’s Dylan Byers trolls the Huffington Post to some effect.

“In an interview with The Huffington Post, [Jon] Huntsman laid out his vision for the Republican Party going forward….”

Get it?

It’s supposed to be hilarious because, ha, what Republican would reveal all to the Huffington Post? To answer that question, I refer to a three-year old article in Politico titled “Republicans flock to Huffington Post.”

Just as Democrats learned to love — or at least understand — the Drudge Report, Republicans flock to The Huffington Post largely because of the site’s broad reach. In April, The Huffington Post brought in a record 8.8 million unique visitors, according to Nielsen — a number that includes quite a few mainstream media journalists and cable news producers.

Why is it inherently crazy for a Republican who wants buzz to talk to a popular liberal news site? Isn’t this the reason that Democrats (or “Democrats”) like Doug Schoen write op-eds in the Wall Street Journal?