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Google Launches Siri Foil, but Can It Really Compete?

Though Apple continues to tout the service with splashy ad campaigns, Siri has never quite lived up to the fanfare that came with her release on the iPhone 4S. Jokes about miscues and botched commands from the voice-recognition app have become standard fare. Which may explain why Google is trying to outgun Apple once again.

The company has unveiled an upgrade to its iOS search app that features “advanced” voice search, much like Siri. Voice commands appear word-for-word on the app, and it responds out loud to simple commands. Google uses its “Knowledge Graph” of search trends and typical queries to process the information in what it hopes is a more human way.

Snap reviews of the service immediately noted that Google’s voice technology is faster than Siri, but it’s at a fundamental disadvantage, because Siri knows your apps and can use them freely on command—functionality that Google can’t really compete with on iPhones and iPads.