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Facebook Posters Nudge Employees To Ditch iPhone for Android

Apple isn’t the only one taking notice of the spike in Android phone shipments. Posters now decorating Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. encourage employees to make the switch away from iPhones—and over to phones using the Google operating system.

“Do you ’droidfood?” one poster asks, referring to “dogfooding,” the belief that companies should use and test the power of their own products. Another poster shows a graph projecting that Android-running phone shipments will double the iPhone’s by 2016.

Facebook’s app for the iPhone is considered superior to its offering for Android, perhaps because, as a spokesperson told TechCrunch, the company historically gave employees iPhones.

Facebook now leaves the choice to its workers, but with mobile stakes rising, the company appears to have a stake in that decision once again.