Chart of the Day: People Care More About the Fiscal Cliff Than the Petraeus Story

It’s right there in Pew’s black-and-white-and-green.

Nearly identical percentages of Republicans (36%) and Democrats (35%) say they very closely followed the debate over the automatic spending cuts and tax increases that will take effect at the beginning of next year unless the president and Congress act. Republicans are about as interested as Democrats in the Petraeus investigation (28% vs. 21%).

That’s somewhat inspiring news! I thought I was alone, in the dark, finding simultaneous negotiations over tax rates and spending cuts more interesting that what a general did with his genitals. When adults were asked to come up with a word summarizing their response to Petraeusgate, the responses included “bullcrap” (6 percent) and “crap” (4 percent), which, taken together, equalled the percentage of people saying they were “interested.”