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Suddenly Everyone Wants To Know: Who is Camilla Belle?

Something tells us that Camilla Belle’s sleepy IMDb page is suddenly getting an unexpected surge. No, the 26-year-old co-star of movies like 10,000 BC and The Ballad of Jack and Rose didn’t finally land the breakthrough role that has so far eluded her in Hollywood. Paparazzi noticed this week that she was holding hands with Tim Tebow.

Many camera flashes and more than 100,000 Google searchers later, Belle is again settling into the kind of tabloid attention she hasn’t received since 2008 when she dated Joe Jonas—a singer known to hold the same devout religious beliefs as Tebow. Ever on the case, TMZ says sources have assured them that Belle and the most famous back-up quarterback in the NFL are “definitely an item.” 

If so, that’s a bit of good news for Tebow, who has had a frustrating on-field transition to the New York Jets after being traded from the Denver Broncos last year.