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Bob Menendez “October Surprise” Riles Conservatives, but Will Anyone Else Notice?

Conservatives are clucking about an October surprise in the New Jersey Senate race.

Two women claim they were paid for sex by Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez when he visited the Dominican Republic earlier this year. As teased earlier by Matt Drudge, the alleged sexual encounter was exposed on the Daily Caller website, where the two women, faces obscured to conceal their identity, tell their story to a translator. They say a man named “Bob,” whom they identify as Menendez through a photograph, offered each $500 for sex, but afterward paid them only $100 through an intermediary.  

Menendez, a frequent visitor to the DR, has reportedly stayed with a wealthy donor at Casa De Campo, the luxury resort where the alleged sexual activity took place. But the Daily Caller report offers no additional corroboration of the women’s allegations.

Asked about the story, a Menendez spokesperson had this to say: “We’re not going to respond to a completely false accusation.”

Menendez is comfortably ahead in pre-election polls.