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Still Can’t Find Bigfoot? Why Not Try a Blimp?

Can Snoopy find Sasquatch?

Idaho State University has not only given Professor Jeffrey Meldrum approval to search for Bigfoot, the school will let him do it in a rather unique fashion: using a remote-controlled blimp.

Equipped with a thermal-imaging camera designed to scour the remote regions of the Pacific Northwest, the proposed blimp would seek out the mythic beast, which has existed in local stories and folklore for generations. But Bigfoot, aka sasquatch, yeti, or mountain man, doesn’t get much love from the scientific community, which cites a lack of physical evidence or fossil record of the man-like. And of course, no Bigfoot has ever been captured or killed.

But Meldrum will persevere, seeking to raise more than $300,000 for his airborne Abominable Snowman search, named the Falcon Project. Sasquatch skepticism may be greater than he anticipated, though. The professor has yet to raise a dollar.