Agenda 21, for Beginners

Via Tim Murphy, the A.J. Liebling of the wingnuttery beat, we see that Georgia’s Senate Majority Leader held a four-hour information session on Agenda 21, and that liberals taped 52 minutes of it. Murphy grabs the best possible lede (a Tea Partier warning of Obama mind control) but really, the whole thing is a wonder. We see Dick Morris, author of the new anti-UN tome Black Helicopters, giving a special video message about Agenda 21 and how it will restrict American freedom. We are warned of “warm and fuzzy expressions” like “social justice.”


This isn’t actually a freak occurrence. Panic about UN-mandated “sustainable development” has marched right from the John Birch Society offices into the conservative mainstream. Glenn Beck’s new novel, out next week, takes readers inside a dystopian America run by sustainably-developing dictators. He’s been releasing fun fake ads that reveal the terror:

Republicans had a rotten election day federally, but in the deep South, they generally expanded or held their legislative majorities. So we may see more of this. UN panic may become as popular as the Reagan-era hobby of liberal towns declaring themselves nuke-free zones.