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Starbucks Tests Wireless Mobile Charging in 17 Stores

Gone soon may be the days of fighting for outlets and rummaging for power cords. Starbucks plans to test technology in Boston that would allow customers to charge cellphones wirelessly using the Duracell Powermat system.

The coffee chain plans to build the Powermats into tables, which would allow equipped wireless users to charge their devices inductively. Though an accessory is required to take advantage of the technology, Starbucks might loan some to patrons over the counter if the test takes off.

For now, the innovation will be available in just 17 stores in Boston, but a Starbucks executive seems enthusiastic about its prospects. Adam Brotman told that many customers already put their cellphones down on tables, so the company hopes to provide the service automatically, “maybe even before they realized they had a need for wireless charging.”