The Painful Beauty of Omnipresent Wisconsin Campaign Ads

WAUKESHA, Wis. – We D.C. political hacks have gotten used to seeing swing state ads. For the second consecutive election cycle, Virginia is a swing state. We see the latest soft-focus Romney ads; we see the negative Obama ads. We see the Chamber of Commerce ads bashing Tim Kaine. “I have a rule that keeps me sane during elections,” said Rep. Tammy Baldwin when I caught up with her yesterday afternoon. “I don’t watch TV commercials. Now, if I’m in Washington, I’ll keep the TV on and see those ads beating up Tim Kaine. But I turn it off in Wisconsin!”

I could see why. To the shock of Republicans, Baldwin has built a small but sturdy lead in the state’s U.S. Senate race, over once-and-future hero Tommy Thompson. The response: Hella TV ads. These are just the ads I saw during one commercial break during a Packers game.

The “damn right!” is actually pretty fairly taken from context.

Wisconsin is ground zero for Medicare bamboozlement – supporting the public option now = terrifying socialism that would grind old peoples’ bones into dust.

The Emergency Committee for Israel has made its biggest-ever buy in this state, more than $400,000 against Baldwin.

And for balance, I saw this:

You almost have to admire how the lack of citations is made up for by GIGANTIC METAL LETTERS LOOK OUT BELOW.