Dear Undecided Voter: Do You Exist?

If so, please explain to us why you can’t make up your mind.

Undecided voters.
Really? Are there actual undecided voters out there? Let us know.

Photo by iStockphoto.

Dear Undecided Voter,

Do you exist? Some people are skeptical. They wonder: How could anyone still be undecided? But I know you are out there. I’ve met a few of you on the campaign trail—though there may only be enough of you to fit on a school bus. A Washington Post national poll tells us that there are 9 percent of voters who could change their mind. In the swing states, there are fewer. In a recent CNN poll conducted in Florida, 8 percent said they might change their mind. In a series of CBS polls in Colorado, Virginia, and Wisconsin, there were less than 5 percent who said they didn’t know how they would vote or that they could change their minds.

In a close election, you might be the key. Many of you like Barack Obama but are considering not voting for him again. But wait, rather than have me tell you what you’re thinking, I’m going to stop there and not guess at what you, the undecided voter, are thinking. I’d like you to tell us. Please write to us at slatepolitics@gmail.com and, in a paragraph, explain why you’re undecided between the two candidates. If we get enough good responses, I’ll write about it. If not, I’ll use it to inform future pieces. If we get no responses, we’ll assume you don’t exist and you won’t get the holiday ham we send every year.

Yours truly,
John Dickerson