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Drunk Neighbor Visits Tom Cruise, Promptly Hit by 50,000-Volt Blast

File under: life imitating art. A man was caught breaching Tom Cruise’s Beverly Hills estate and was shot with a stun gun for his trouble.

On Sunday evening, a member of Cruise’s private security team saw a man scaling a fence, approached him and jolted him with 50,000-volt blast from his Taser. Paramedics took the man to a local hospital for treatment because—spoiler alert— that amount of electricity isn’t so healthy for the human body.

So who was this mystery man? An autograph-seeking lunatic fan? A paparazzo seeking the perfect shot? A Scientology acolyte in need of guidance? Turns out the man was Cruise’s neighbor, 41-year-old James Sullivan, who lives in the next house. Sullivan was drunk and accidentally went onto the wrong property. Not exactly Mission: Impossible.