“To Me, That Doesn’t Sound Constitutional”

The anti-drone blogosphere has thrilled at Luke Rudowski’s previous We Are Change videos, which show him irritating the hell out of Democrats who don’t want to talk about Obama’s prosecution of the war on terror. Here, Rudowski simultaenously raises the game and lowers the stakes, talking to self-identified Obama voters in New York and getting them to denounce Obama policies if they’re told that they’re Romney’s.

How much insight can you glean from an ambush technique perfected by Jay Leno? No comment. But two  experiments are playing out at once. First: People are naturally inclined to oppose any policies if they believe those policies are held by the candidate they’re voting against. Second: How much attention have non-wonks paid to the kill list/disposition matrix? Almost none. How much of that is their fault? Well, how much sober coverage of the drone policy have they seen?

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