This Radio Ad Tells Black Maryland Voters to Follow Barack Obama’s Lead on Gay Marriage

Maryland’s Question 6, which would affirm the state’s new gay marriage law, has a better shot than any previous gay marriage referendum. The reasons? A steady march toward overall approval of gay marriage, and a huge swing in black support for gay marriage due to Barack Obama’s endorsement this year. The Yes on 6 campaign is playing that up in this radio ad, which I’ve heard a few times now. Two black women are talking about the election.

“Who are you voting for for president?” asks the first woman.

“Who you do you think?” asks the second.

They’re Obama voters. They just need to figure out how to go on Question Six. So the second woman plays a clip of Barack Obama’s interview with Robin Roberts.

“That is so true!” says the first woman.

“I’ve always been on the fence, but Obama makes it so simple,” says the second.

I was reminded of the ad because the new-ish Coalition of African-American Pastors is denouncing it. “This ad is the worst attempt at pandering and manipulating the Black community to ignore their own pastors who rightfully uphold the sanctity of traditional marriage,” says Rev. William Owens, speaking for the group. You can understand the fuming, because in this ad even the fake voter’s pastor is telling her that gay marriage is a-ok. Also, the gay marriage ban isn’t winning.